Park regulations

Out of concern for the safety of people using the JumpWorld facility, aiming at as first of
all, the care for healthy development and healthy promotion of sport at the same time
counteracting undesirable behavior of object users who can expose themselves or others
for loss of health, these Regulations are hereby established.
JumpWorld Kłodzko users, through their presence in the Trampolin Park – they agree to
the free distribution of their registered image in the Park - for marketing purposes of
JumpWorld Kłodzko.
The administrator of personal data provided as part of the services provided is Park
Trampolin Magdalena Szmitak, with its registered office in Kłodzko at ul. Zamiejska 29, 57-
300 Kłodzko, entered in the REGON register under number 362528479, st Tax ID No.
The legal basis for data processing is the contract concluded with the administrator, which
enters into force upon the transfer of personal data or entry to the facility and for
performing which data processing is necessary.
Personal data are processed only for purposes related to the implementation of the
contract and to take the necessary action before concluding it.
The transfer of personal data is not mandatory, however, failure to do so will make the
conclusion and implementation of the contract impossible.
Personal data is stored for no longer than necessary, with a reservation applicable legal
You have the right to request the administrator to access your data, rectify it, transfer and
deletion, as well as the right to limit data processing, with subject to applicable legal
standards, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with supervisory authority.
Regulations related to the protection of personal data are attached as Annex
1. Data protection personal information
1. JumpWorld is a brand owned by JUMPWORLD SP. z o.o. SP. K. with its registered office in
Katowice at ul. Gallusa 12/121, 40-594 Katowice, entered in the REGON register under
number 361115522, st Tax ID No. 6252453649, hereinafter referred to as part of the
"Organizer" regulations.
2. All persons using the JumpWorld Park are absolutely obliged to read these Regulations. If
the person has not read this Regulations or has not accepted it in full, cannot use JumpWorld
Park’s attractions.
3. JumpWorld is an object that can be used by people who meet the following conditions:
• Children from 3 to 13 years old - only in the presence of a parent or guardian legal after
signing the statement of acceptance of the regulations. With a child up to 6 years old a
guardian can enter on one ticket.• Young people from 14 to 18 years old - can use the park's attractions after signing the
consent by parent or legal guardian. The presence of a legal guardian in the park is not
mandatory. However, the parent / legal guardian bears full responsibility for the person
staying in the park during his absence. Permits can be downloaded at JumpWorld or from
the website There will be no other forms of permits accepted.
• People over 18 years of age can use the Park without restrictions.
4. Staying at JumpWorld is possible after paying the fee according to the price list, available
in the facility and on the website, and receipt car keys and bands. The
time of using the object begins when the band is removed, and she ends when she passes.
5. Each user is responsible for the received wristband and cloakroom key and it is him is
financially responsible in the event of the wristband or key being lost. Respectively for the
band: PLN 40, for the key: PLN 20
6. The group guardian is obliged to fill out each time before entering the Park organized
group application form and familiarize group members with regulations, because the person
who issues the notification is responsible for the persons entering on the object.
7. One caretaker may look after a maximum of 15 people.
8. We reserve the right to completely reserve the object, which will be placed in booking
calendar on our website
9. The reservation should be considered accepted after receiving confirmation from the Park
employee by phone or email, depending on the form of booking.
10. The reservation of organized groups should be submitted at least with one day in
11. The park does not provide care for children and young people. Use by children or
adolescents it is possible on the basis of the consent expressed by the parent / guardian.
12. Improper use of the JumpWorld object by the user, especially taking into account non
compliance with the regulations, instructions and operating instructions - may involve
occurring due to the user's fault, injuries, injuries and property, therefore, the rules set by
the organizer for the purpose are respected avoid any risk of incurring them.
13. JumpWorld warn off and at the same time asks you not to bring valuable items to avoid
any damage or theft.
14. The organizer notes that users respond in accordance with applicable regulations legal
regulations in the event of any damage caused by yourself duration of the event. Legal
entities are responsible for damage caused by minors maintainer.
15. Each user of the Park uses the attractions being a person aware of his conditio health
and physical capabilities. We recommend not using the attractions to people whose efforts
physical may endanger health and life.
16. It is prohibited to use the attractions and equipment of the Park in a manner inconsistent
with its intended use.
17. In cases requiring first aid or any experience injury should be immediately notified to a
park employee.
18. At the Park’s area is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol or use others intoxicants.
19. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be taken from object without
reimbursement or compensation in this respect.
20. People who behave aggressively, incorrectly, use vulgar words will asked by employees of the Park without reimbursement or compensation in this respect.
21. People using the Park before using the attractions must leave their clothes, shoes and all
things in the locker room brought from outside (telephones, keys, food, drinks, jewelry, etc.)
22. When using the facility, observe the comments and instructions of the Park employees
JumpWorld. Persons not complying with the recommendations and Regulations will be
asked to leave the facility.
23. The whistle signal is tantamount to an immediate stop of activity in facility.
24. For your own safety and for other users of the facility, please report employees of all
cases of violation of the Regulations and dangerous behavior.
25. The User is aware and accepts the fact that there are cameras in the Park monitoring
systems that record the image to ensure the safety of Park users.
26. Park JumpWorld is not responsible for interruptions in the operation of the facility due to
force majeure, independent of the organizer (e.g. lack of Energy electricity).
27. All doubts related to the Regulations regarding the use of the object, which have not
been included in these regulations, should be directed to employees of the Park.
28. Complaints shall be considered by the Organizer within 14 days from the date of receipt
of the application Park Trampolin Magdalena Szmitak Kułaczkowska ul. Zamiejska 29, 57-300
Kłodzko. Complaints are examined by analyzing each case individually collecting data from
online and cash reservation system. In addition, video footage from the Park and is recorded
the Park Day Tour report is being reviewed.
29. The court having jurisdiction to settle all disputes arising from the contract concluded at
distance, the court complies with the relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.
30. Please be advised that there is a possibility of using extrajudicial means consideration of
complaints and redress in Arbitration Courts. Current data contact details of the arbitral
tribunal are available on the Voivodship's website Trade Inspection Inspector.
31. Pursuant to Article 38 of the Act on Consumer Rights of 30.05.2014 (Journal of Laws of
2019, item 134) we inform you that you cannot withdraw from the contract.
32. Park JumpWorld may improve these Regulations in accordance with applicable
regulations universal law.
1. These regulations supplement the general regulations of the JumpWorld Park.
2. Starting to use the Trampolin Park is tantamount to getting acquainted with the
regulations and its acceptance.
3. One should stretch and warm up themselves before trampolines.
4. When one uses trampolines, should observe the park's comments and suggestions.
5. We enter the trampolines in anti-slip socks (without shoes), in clothes sporty, non-binding
movements. Additionally, you should avoid any sharp or loose parts that may pose a risk of
injury, injury, injury or destruction of equipment included in the Trampolin Park.
6. Do not bring items that may cause damage or injury to the trampolines such as: jewelry,
keys, telephones, clothing containing metal elements, other sharp items.7. It is forbidden to get on the trampolines with any substances in the mouth especially with
chewing gum).
8. It is forbidden to bring and consume food in the trampoline zone. Eating food is allowed in
designated places.
9. Only one person can jump on one trampoline at a time.
10. It is recommended to bounce off the trampolines from the center of the field, always
with two legs and land on both feet, legs slightly bent at the knees.
11. In the event of an uncontrolled fall, the safest position is position crouched the whole
body (so-called fetal position).
12. It is forbidden to jump on structural elements of trampolines, protective mats and other
elements that are not intended to be used by users of Park.
13. It is forbidden to run between trampolines and trampolines that are occupied by another
14. It is allowed to walk over the protective mats to the selected trampolinę with extreme
15. Do not jump into the pool with the sponges head down. Before performing a jump you
should make sure that there is no other person in the pool, and after the jump is completed,
immediately leave the pool on the same track as jumped in.
16. Only one person may stay in a pool with sponges at the same level as the track.
17. In the pool with sponges it is forbidden to look for the lost ones items, this fact should be
reported to the park employee.
18. It is prohibited to throw sponges from the sponge pool into the area park.
19. People wearing glasses or lenses are advised to use protective measures and special
20. Special care should be taken when leaving each attraction.
1. Protection of personal data.
It is hereby indicated that the administrator of the services provided personal data and
image is Park Trampolin Magdalena Szmitak, with its registered office in Kłodzko at ul.
Zamiejska 29, 57-300 Kłodzko.
Administrator's contact details:
Legal basis for data processing: processing is necessary for the performance of the contract
for using the services of the Trampolin Park to which the data subject is a party, or to take
action at the request of the data subject before concluding this contract, and for monitoring:
processing is necessary for legitimate purposes legitimate interests pursued by the
administrator (this interest is security of persons and property).
Personal data is processed only for purposes related to the conclusion and implementation
contracts and to ensure the safety of persons and property.
The transfer of personal data is not mandatory, however, failure to do so will make the
conclusion and implementation of the contract impossible.
Personal data is stored for no longer than necessary, with a reservation applicable legal
You have the right to request the administrator to access your data, rectify it, transfer and
deletion, as well as the right to limit data processing, subject to applicable legal standards, as
well as the right to object against processing and the right to lodge a complaint to the
supervisory authority. Let's not pass personal data to third countries. The recipients of personal data are: an accounting office and an entity that technically supports monitoring.
A full record of the privacy policy can be found at